International сonference “Jews in a Changing World”

       November 24-25, 2014

                                                       Riga, Latvia

9th International сonference “Jews in a Changing World”

devoted to the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the Jewish community in Latvia

Venue: Riga Jewish Community Center, Skolas 6





Concert of Zadikov Choir from Israel

  A gift to the Jewish New Year Rosh-ha-Shana!
Riga Jewish community invites you

to a concert of

on September 4 at 18.30
at JCC on Skolas street 6


Rally in support of Israel

On Monday, August 4, a rally organized by the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia was held in Riga near the Israeli Embassy to voice support for Israel.
The rally was attended by about 150 people – Jewish community members, guests from Israel, as well as numerous representatives of non-Jewish organizations and the Christian community. People brought posters in Latvian and other languages: "I love Israel", "Hamas threaten the entire world", "Israel has the right to self-defense", "Living for years under fire from Hamas terrorists - would you like that?", "We want peace". A raid siren sounded at the beginning of the rally, a sound often heard now in Israel.
The participants expressed their full support for the measures that the Israeli government and army takes to protect the country's citizens, and for the the right of Israel to defend itself against the constant rocket shelling of its territory from the Gaza Strip and violent attacks by "Hamas" terrorists.
In conclusion, those present sang "Hatikvah" and released blue and white balloons in the sky.

Photos can be viewed here

Statement after murder of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali

Together with the rest of the World we express our anger and revolt to unashamed and inhuman actions of terrorists as well as those forces that protect criminals and in any way encourage them by means of instigating hatred and war.

We express our full support to the leaders of Israel in their resolute and pitiless war with terrorists and murderers. We promise that in future we shall provide all possible assistance and support to our brothers in Israel in this righteous struggle.

In these days Latvian Jews mourn and resent together with all Jews all over the Globe. We speak about this in synagogues, in our homes, at our meetings. Death of innocent Israeli teenagers is also our grief and our pain. With all our sole and thoughts we remain together with people of Israel during these sorrowful days.

Arkady Suharenko,


Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia



Jewish Survivors of Latvia in the United States: news release

At the request of the Jewish Survivors of Latvia in the United States we place their news release



Jewish youth participate in Lo Tishkach project


The Youth Centre of the Riga Jewish Community, with support of the Lo Tishkach Foundation, undertook a project in October of 2009, the goal of which is surveying of all Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Latvia.

Musical evening in the Riga synagogue


For decades the Riga synagogue on Peitavas street has been the center of religious life for Latvian Jews. After the renovation that was finished this year, it became an attractive sight for tourists as one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Riga.

In late November the Riga synagogue took on another meaning – it became a concert hall.

The Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide against the Jews


On the 3rd of July an event to mark the The Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide against the Jews took place in Riga, at Gogola street 25. 

Riga Jewish Community Congress


Riga Jewish Community Congress took place on the 24 of March. 118 delegates from 18 organizations attended the congress.
The chairperson of the Riga Jewish Community Arkady Suharenko brought to the attention of the delegates major trends of the activities of the community.

The presentation of Martin Grahls book "Christian - Jewish dialogue"


The presentation of Martin Grahls book “Christian – Jewish dialogue” took place in the University’s of Latvia Theology Department on the 20th of February. The Theology Department’s dean of admissions Ralf Kokin, the director of Konrad Adenauer Fund Andreas Klein, the director of the Centre for Judaic Studies of the University of Latvia prof.