On June 18, the Sabile Art, culture and tourism center was unveiled in the renovated building of the Sabile synagogue. The opening event was attended by the President of Latvia, minister of culture, deputies, artists, city residents.

Sabile is a small picturesque town in the ancient valley of Abava river in Talsi Municipality of Kurzeme. The synagogue, located in the very center of Sabile, was built in 1890 and operated until World War II. During the Soviet era, a gym was set up in the synagogue, and later a warehouse of Sabile fruit and vegetable factory. At the beginning of the 1990s, the synagogue was bought from the factory by the sculptor O. Feldbergs and the Abava Valley Foundation, the building was restored, including a balcony of the synagogue destroyed during the Soviet era. In 2018-2020 Talsi municipality renewed the synagogue building in the framework of the ERDF project. In the future, in the synagogue there will be an opportunity to see contemporary art exhibitions and get acquainted with Kurzeme tourism routes.

Photos: Sabile TIC and Didzis Grodzs