On May 4th, Latvian President Egils Levits awarded the Order of Viesturs to Valentina Rasnacha for her selflessness and heroism in saving Jews during the Nazi occupation of Latvia.

During the Holocaust, the home of Anton Barkan, his wife Helena, and their daughter Valentina was a rescue for three Karsava Jews. Valentina, who was only seven years old at the beginning of the war, helped her parents hide Jews and watched for strangers around the house. The girl could not show her fear during the police visits and house searches, and she also was forbidden to invite any friends to her place.

Today Valentina Rasnacha lives in Rēzekne. All her life she worked as a Latvian language teacher.

The Jewish Community congratulates Valentina Rasnacha on the highest state award in Latvia. We express our deep gratitude and wish her good health, optimism and joy of life!

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