On the 19th of April 2016, a general meeting of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia (the Council) took place.  Thirteen delegates from six different cities of Latvia, nominated to participate in the general meeting by the communities – members of the Council, have participated in the meeting.

The agenda for the general meeting consisted of three following topics:

1. Changes in the Council’s statutes.

In accordance with the previous edition of the statutes, only a community could become a member of the Council. Other Jewish organisations concerned with culture, education, charity, sports and other activities had not been given the opportunity to become members of the Council. Taking into consideration the interest of various Jewish organisations in joining the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia, during the general meeting it was decided to amend the corresponding article of the statutes, giving all Jewish organisations an opportunity to become members of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia.

 2. Establishment of the Latvian Jewish Community Restitution Fund

During the general meeting, an unanimous decision was made to establish the “Latvian Jewish Community Restitution Fund and to transfer any real estate which belonged to the Jewish communal and religious organisations before the Second World War to the fund, and which in compliance with the law was transferred and will be transferred by the Saeima to the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia within the restitution process.

The main goals of the fund are to manage the real estate obtained during the restitution process and other real estate, to promote the development of the Jewish community of Latvia by supporting activities and projects of religious, educational, cultural, scientific, charity, healthcare, sports and other organisations of the Jewish community, as well as to promote integration process, solidarity and development of the civil society of Latvia.

3. Board election.

During the general meeting, the Council Board consisting of nine members was elected unanimously. Arkady Suharenko was elected Chairman of the Board.

About the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia

The Council was founded in 2003 by ten Jewish organisations, which were operating or renewed their operation after the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia at the beginning of the 1990s. Those organisations united in order to achieve their common goals – development of religious, social and communal life of Jews, promotion of development of education, culture and sports, provision of centralised support to the lower income population, preservation of cultural and historical heritage, restitution and management of the real estate which until the 1940 belonged to the Jewish organisations of Latvia, promoting integration and development of the civil society.

Founders of the Council:

Riga Jewish Community

Riga Jewish Religious Community

Daugavpils Jewish Community

Liepaja Jewish Religious Community

Jelgava Jewish Community

Jurmala Jewish Community

Jekabpils Jewish Community

Rezekne Jewish Religious Community

Ludza Jewish Religious Community

Ventspils, Kuldiga and Talsi Jewish Community

In 2004, three other religious communities have joined the Council: “Chabad-Lubavitch” community, “Shamir” Riga and Latvia Jewish religious community and Daugavpils Jewish Community.

In 2010, “Shamir” community announced its resignation from the Council.

In 2011, Ventspils Jewish community “Hevre Hahomim” has joined the Council.

Currently, the Council of Jewish Communities consists of 13 communities from 9 different cities, and together with more than 20 Jewish organisations of Latvia, who closely cooperate with the Council, it represents more than 8000 Jews of Latvia.