On the 14th of May, a general meeting of the Riga Jewish Community was held, which was attended by 54 delegates.

The community leadership presented a report on activities in priority areas: the welfare centre Hesed, community centre JCC Riga, Museum Jews in Latvia, memory preservation of the Holocaust victims, development of activities of Motek community kindergarten and the Riga Shimon Dubnov Jewish Secondary School.

Today, in the Hesed welfare centre, 1 765 people from 20 cities in Latvia are receiving assistance. Those are victims of Nazism, retired people in need and people with disabilities, as well as low-income families with children. In addition to home care, which is received by more than 600 people, the welfare centre conducts programs for socialisation and health improvement, organises holidays, interest groups, lectures and sports events. Important sponsors of the charity programs are Claims Conference and JDC-Joint.

In May of this year, the online platform tolam.jews.lv was launched, which will make charity easier and more accessible for everyone, regardless of the donation amount. The platform collects funds for the needs of specific people, telling their stories.

Every year the JCC Riga community centre plays an increasing role in the life of the community members. Today, JCC, with the support of Joint, holds about 100 programs and activities per year for more than 2 000 people aged 2 to 65 years. There are weekly clubs for children and teenagers throughout the year, and camps are held in summer. There are programs for young people and families, as well as for middle-aged people. Every year Mini-Limmud takes place and Jewish holidays are celebrated.

Joyful news come from kindergarten Motek, which is attended by 45 children already, as well as the Dubnov Jewish School, in which 342 students are learning today. Next year it is planned to open 3 first classes to receive everyone wishing to attend.

The Museum Jews in Latvia has firmly taken its place among the best museums in the city. From 2015 to 2018, the museum was visited by about 30,000 people, 256 guided tours, 80 museum pedagogical programs, and 50 lectures and seminars were organised.

The building of the Riga Jewish Community on Skolas street 6, which is state recognized cultural monument, regularly hosts concerts, creative meetings, exhibitions, performances and other cultural events for everyone;  there is a variety of ensembles , courses, lectures and conferences.

The community grows and develops, and new strength is required for its activities, therefore it was decided to expand the board. Based on the results of the voting, the head of the community Arkady Suharenko and his deputies Benjamin Kajem and Dmitry Krupnikov were re-elected. Two new members were also elected to the board – David Lipkin and Renat Lokomet.
Executive Director of the Riga Jewish Community is Gita Umanovska.