At the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Latvia Prof. Arie M. Kacowicz from the Department of International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) will give a course of lectures on the topic “Explaining and Understanding Israel’s Foreign Policy: An Introductory Review   (with an emphasis upon Peace Studies and the Arab-Israeli Conflict)”.
The lectures will take place on Lomonosova Street 1A at the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Latvia on October 14 – October 21.
Lectures are in English. Free entrance.

The course is organized by in cooperation with Faculty of Social Sciences UL and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel).
Lectures are supported in the frame of “Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund” project.

List of Sessions:

List of Sessions:
I. October 14, 17:30-21:30:
1. Introduction: Explaining foreign policy and the Israeli context: Foreign policy and identity. The Jewish roots of Israeli foreign policy.
2. Historical review (with an emphasis upon the Arab-Israeli conflict)

II. October 16, 17:30-21:30:
3. Israel’s foreign policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict: relations with its state neighbors and with the Palestinians.
4. Israel’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the great powers: the United States, Russia, Europe, and China.

III. October 17, 17:30-21:30: Peace Studies
5. Peaceful change (and its application to the Arab-Israeli conflict).
6. Zones of peace (and its relevance to study the Middle East).
7. Degrees of peace and stable peace.

IV. October 21, 17:30-21:30
8. Israel’s foreign policy vis-à-vis the Third World: Latin America, Asia, and Africa; Israel in the age of globalization.
9. Quo vadis Israel?

Additional lecture “Israel and the Middle East: Briefing the Past, Present, and Future from an International Relations Perspective” is given at the Museum “Jews in Latvia” (Skolas 6) on October 18, at 18:00.