The PJ Library programme continues in 2022! In January and February, the young readers have received some really wonderful books.

2-3 year olds celebrated Tu Bi Shvat with the colourful book “Garden to Tu Bi Shvat”. It is the first book in Russian that was specially made for the PJ Library. Written by poet Yelena Feldman, it features beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Darya Gerasimova.

For children aged 4-5, we are presenting the book “How the girl Sedie celebrated Tu bi-Shvat in the snow”. The New Year of the Trees falls in the winter months, and by Jewish traditions, we plant trees on this day. What to do when there is snow all around? The little girl, Sedie, figured it out.

Readers aged 6-8 received the wise Jewish legend “The Promise of the Brothers”. This story is from the Talmud, and just like others, it makes you think and smile. Three brothers promised their father to live friendly and take care of each other. In the story ‘The Puss in Boots’, two brothers receive a mill and a donkey, while the third receives a cat. In the Jewish fairy tale, the inheritance is divided equally. However, the brothers are very different and do not support each other’s way of life. Will they be able to fulfill their promise?

See you in March, the books for Purim are on their way!

If your children are between 2 and 8 years old and you haven’t received your PJ Library books (in Russian), we invite you to join the programme by filling in the application form at or by emailing [email protected].

For more information please contact: 29435005.