Dear school children! 

I congratulate you on a wonderful, bright and joyful holiday — the 1st of September! 

It is the beginning of a new academic year, which will be special for you. It will be unlike any other year. We all hope that the difficult and, in general, rather gloomy and unpleasant period of the pandemic is now behind us. But something in that time has surely been missed, not been learned deeply and not fully understood. 

You have a very demanding year ahead of you. Gaps in knowledge need to be filled immediately, without delay. So that tomorrow, every one of you will be able to master new knowledge easily and with pleasure, move forward towards high school, your profession, your life’s work, competing on equal terms with your peers from other schools, cities and countries. 

You are going back to your classrooms, where you will meet your teachers and classmates, whom you have surely missed. I wish all of you good, friendly work, cooperation and mutual respect! And do not forget that each of us needs support, understanding, especially in difficult periods like today. Therefore, do not be stingy with friendship, kindness, appreciation and respect — for schoolmates, teachers and parents!

I express special thanks to the principal, the teaching staff and the technical staff of the Shimon Dubnov School — for their excellent and very professional work in the previous school year. Once again I would like to emphasize that they can count on the full support of the community and its leaders. The life and concerns of the Dubnov School will always be in the focus of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia. 

I wish to all of you good health, vigour, diligence, new achievements, success, and victories!     

Happy celebration! Happy Knowledge Day!

Arkady Suharenko