Museum “Jews in Latvia” and Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia invite you to the lecture of Dr. Yaacov Falkov, “Useful Criminals: The Soviet Intelligence, Security and Legal Systems Versus the Holocaust”. The lecture will take place in the museum “Jews in Latvia” (Skolas str 6, 3rd floor) on 15th of August at 18:00. The lecture will be held in Russian.

The lecture will describe the reaction of the Soviet intelligence, security and legal systems to the Holocaust since the late 30’s, throughout WWII and until the downfall of the Soviet Union, in 1991. The politicization of the Soviet attitude to the Holocaust perpetrators will be especially emphasized and analyzed.

The lecture will be given by Dr. Yaacov Falkov, a visiting lecturer on insurgency and counterinsurgency history and theory at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and Tel Aviv University, a former visiting research fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and a current research fellow at the Oxford University.

Free admission